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New VTT for Odisha, India

A Happy (VTT) New Year ! – Calmed programme extends

Goododisha-map-jpg News for the year 2017!  PDG Dr Himansu Basu has been invited to initiate another maternal mortality reduction programme for a new VTT Calmed medical mission to India.  Centred on the state of Odisha in north east India, we will be taking a team to spread further the award winning ‘Calmed’ approach to combat the high rate of maternal and infant deaths in the sub-continent.  With the support of the Rotary Foundation, Rotary Districts 1120 (UK) and 3262 (India), our team of obstetricians and gynaecologists will pass on the best knowledge, skills and practice to the local Medical and associated professions in Odisha.

The aim again is to attack the medical, public health and cultural issues associated with the  ‘3 delays’ which cause unnecessary deaths of so many mothers and babies.  We will concentrate on improving maternity knowledge and practices right down to village level, highlight the fatal consequences of existing delays in getting mother and baby to treatment, and increase the awareness of the medical profession of modern skills and techniques which are lifesavers when applied at the earliest possible moment. We will ensure that the benefits and changes are sustained through local ownership and empowerment.

PDG Dr. Himansu Basu and PP Terry Kinsman will be visiting Bhubaneswar (capital of Odisha) in February 2017 to meet Rotarians, Government officials, community leaders and  Professional representatives, hold discussions and initiate planning processes which will need to be in place for a full VTT team visit later in the year.