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Calmed at Seoul RI Convention 2016

Come and see us at the Rotary International Convention at Seoul on 28 May – 1 June 2016.  Find PDG Dr Himansu Basu at the Calmed Booth (No 2609), or hear him at our Calmed  workshop:  31 May: ‘Interactive Workshop on CalmedVTT’ at Kintex 2 Room 308 or 1st June: Panel on Sustainability’. at Kintex 2 Hall 6c – 2,

Booth 76: The place to drop in!    Please join us to: Experience how to set up Vocational Training Teams (VTT), Exchange ideas on Maternal and Child Health (MCH), Examine evidence so fat that Calmed really works!  Hear about our successful VTT visits to Sikkim and Bhuj (India), and our forthcoming 3rd VTT to Madhya Pradesh in October 2016.